Beasiwa undergraduate KAIST Korea 2013/2014

Info beasiswa buat undergraduate (sarjana s1) di KAIST Korea Selatan
Tidak membutuhkan TOPIK cuma english proficiency dan persyaratan lain.
Deadline 1 februari 2013
Admission Criteria
KAIST takes into consideration a number of factors when determining admission, including the candidate’s academic achievements, potential, interpersonal skills, personal accomplishments, integrity, as well as leadership. For academic achievements, candidates are reviewed in context of level of studies completed inmath and science classes, quality of achievements, and characteristics of institutions attended.
Admissions Eligibility and Requirements

Please read the guideline carefully. As a candidate, it is your responsibility to know the application requirements, to submit the necessary materials by the deadline, and to monitor the status of application on the website.
Eligibility for Application
International candidates must meet all of the following requirements:
1. He or she has graduated or will graduate from his or her secondary education by August 31, 2013.
2. He or she is not a citizen of Korea.
* Korean citizens who hold dual citizenship are not eligible to apply as foreign students.
* International candidates of Korean origin MUST additionally satisfy one of the following two requirements:
Neither of the candidate’s parents is a Korean citizen or;
The candidate must have received his/her entire elementary, junior high, and high school education outside of Korea at a comparable and equivalent level of those provided in Korea. But in this case, international schools located in Korea are not acknowledged as foreign schools. Candidates of Korean origin who completed their entire education (elementary, junior high, and high school) outside of Korea should submit the Certificate of the Facts Concerning the Entry & Exit issued by the Korean Immigration Office. The certificate should have recently been issued